23 Jun 16 Cruschiform


The engineers challenge project created by Cruschiform for SNCF has won a Silver Lion at Cannes !

22 Jun 16 Jean-Michel Tixier

Jacques Marie Mage

Here is a new series of illustrations created by Jean-Michel Tixier for the summer collection of Hollywood-based luxury goods brand, Jacques Marie Mage.
21 Jun 16 Le Tone

Slow Galerie exhibition

Don't miss Le Tone's solo show at Slow Galerie next month ! Opening Thursday, July 7th from 6 to 9pm.
20 Jun 16 Julien Pacaud

Arc Iris

Poetic artwork by Julien Pacaud for the cover of Arc Iris' forthcoming album "Moon Saloon" !
17 Jun 16 Stéphane Manel

Colette / Blackrainbow Agency

Stéphane Manel did more than 130 portraits for colette Panini Album ! An epic project produced by Blackrainbow Agency. Stickers available at colette store & online.
16 Jun 16 Stefan Glerum


Stefan Glerum did this beautiful illustration for M le Magazine du Monde about police officers and their uncertain relationships with their informants.
15 Jun 16 Bruno Mangyoku


Bruno Mangyoku created four illustrations for Télérama, about the various music/film/dance/theatre festivals across Europe.
14 Jun 16 Alexis Tyrsa

Sushi Shop

The Sushi Shop FC box is a limited edition designed by Alexis Tyrsa for Euro 2016, available in every Sushi Shop stores worldwide until end of July !
13 Jun 16 Jules Le Barazer

Rock en Seine

So proud to see @juleslebarazer‘s artwork for Birdy Nam Nam and @rockenseine in the Parisian subway ! 12 posters from various illustrators are presented at Duroc Station until June 19th 2016.

09 Jun 16 Jean-Michel Tixier

Mairie de Paris

We share Paris with you but only until July 10th… Jean-Michel Tixier covered Paris with a humoristic campaign for the launch of EURO 2016 !
08 Jun 16 Jean André


Jean André did the artistic direction of the Wanderlust's spring/summer season, included this poster series.
07 Jun 16 Le Tone

Slow Galerie exhibition

Save the date ! Slow Galerie in association with Talkie Walkie are pleased to present the first solo show of Le Tone in Paris. See you Thurday, July 7th for the opening at Slow Galerie.
06 Jun 16 Bruno Mangyoku


Check out the TOP 30 of the most influential French people in the June issue of GQ magazine ! An article illustrated by Bruno Mangyoku.
03 Jun 16 Marcus Walters

V&A Museum

Another great new series created by Marcus Walters as part of his ongoing work for V&A Museum !
02 Jun 16 We Are Ted

Engie / Havas SE

We Are Ted was commissioned by Havas to create a campaign for Engie to support eco responsible gestures at Roland-Garros.